The Dimension Machine

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Chapter 1 - Introduction of 'D-Rays'

“What if the acceleration never stopped? What if it just continues to accelerate faster and faster until the 'D-Rays' are going faster than the speed of light."

"We don't know because we don't have any way to measure or see anything faster than the speed of light...“

Chapter 2 - Possibilities...

“Scientists, at least most of them say that at the moment of creation everything was moving faster than the speed of light. Personally I don't believe in this ‘Big Bang' theory. There is no proof of this at all. It is only a theory. Let's assume that this theory is right and once in the past everything was moving faster than the speed of light, I don't see why it’s impossible if this happened in the past that can not exist today? I'm sure that this ability has not been lost."

Chapter 3 - First 'feeling' of 'D-rays'

Tito replied quickly by saying "It was a little strange. I felt like I was in a different dimension where the past and future are at the same time zone. I mean, I can see and feel what's happening... I was conscious and in control. This is hard for me to explain but it’s like the past and future are somehow the same like fused together. I know it sounds a little crazy but that’s the only way I can describe it. “

Chapter 4 - The acceleration process

This ray that the Doctor called 'D-Rays' was accelerating on its own or by some unknown force to us? It was going faster and faster by the second. After about 15 seconds the monitor was already showing that the 'D-Rays' were in fact going as fast as the speed of light. A few more seconds and it disappeared completely from the monitor like it never was there. I turned to my right and wanted to ask the Doctor a question. Before I could say anything the Doctor hushed me and whispered in my ear "Don't take your eyes off the monitor that is measuring the speed”

Chapter 5 - The illusion of seeing stars

“It’s only enlarging the spot we are looking at so we can read better. You have to think as if we have around the Earth a shell of glass. Our planet is in the middle. The radius from the planet to the shell around us is roughly 180,000 miles. We only can look and see this shell in the sky the maximum distance of 180,000 miles. Anything further then this shell we will not be able to see. This is what we call a reflection of an object.”

Chapter 6 - like a goddess

I turned around and saw Jenny lying naked by my side. She looked like a goddess and I was so thankful that we are together as a couple.

Chapter 7 - The E=mc3 equation

“It actually should be E=MC3 as E=MC2 would be a 2 dimensional equation. Life is actually built on a 3 dimensional world. It’s very advanced thinking look for the full explanation…“

Chapter 8 - Male Female disputes

“When I talk to my male friends and we exchange information we all agree that females have much more control over there sexuality. You know that I love you any way right? I said.
“Yes dear. I am sure that all males would like us females not to have it at all…”

Chapter 9 - The Dimension

“It has social applications as well as medical applications. Basically, this can change everything we know today. It has more potential that I can ever imagine. One of the first things that we have to think about is it possible to get there? Do we want to go there? Are we mentally strong enough to handle this? “

Chapter 10 - Control of the ‘D-Rays'

“The binoculars won’t use the reflection of light but will use the reflection of ‘D-Rays’. Said Jenny.
“Ok. That sounds very good.” I said.
“How are you going to see the ‘D-Rays if they are faster than light? This will be the main problem.” I added.

Chapter 11 - The Dimension Machine

“While us where preparing breakfast, we where hugging and kissing,        Suddenly Jenny looked at me in my eyes and asked: Ben do you think that it is possible to create a Dimension Machine?”


Chapter 12 - Inside the ‘D-Ray’

 “If I look at the left side it’s like the traffic of the past is coming to me. I can see events from my life that I forgot about. At the same time I can see all this like a recording. It is 100% exactly as it was in the past. I can look at both the past and future at the same time and the future and past are coming together. It is like they are merging together. The past and the future lanes are coming together as one lane without a horizon.”

Chapter 13 - The ‘Kaleidoscope’

“It was on the same platform at the same time.” Tito’s description got more bizarre then I have ever heard.
He said “Each situation or event that I saw or was into it had a view like that of a kaleidoscope.”

Chapter 14 - The ‘Bosses’

“Dear friends,” said the Doctor “Let’s not forget who is financing all this. I might have an unlimited budget but I never said that I don’t have to report to my bosses. I’m sharing this information with you because I’d to think of us as a unique group and I would like for you guys to be aware that there is some outside interest in what we are doing. “

Chapter 15 - Creating in the Lab

“Tito my friend it will be what Ben wants to do to recreate the ‘D-Rays’. I think that we have done all the theoretical experiments and Tito has done all the practical work we can do. Now its time for ‘lab recreation’.” said the Doctor.

Chapter 16 - The ‘Frequnmetters’

All of our focus was on the ‘Frequnmetters’. The Doctor was sitting in front of the main computer. He said to us “I’m now measuring the exact frequencies of the small rays when they appeared last time on the monitor.” …

Chapter 17 - The Process

“We don’t know how to control this process yet and we don’t know that it’s possible to ‘manufacturer’ it as well as control it.” …

“We may discover that a crystal ball is the one material for whatever reason that is actually slowing the ‘D-Rays’.”

Chapter 18 – Traveling…

…”I was asking my self would there be any difference between traveling to the future and traveling to another dimension. I couldn’t understand or explain to myself that there is a difference.” I said.
“Well, you’re in good company. I don’t think anyone has had the experience of being in the future or in another dimension”…

Chapter 19 – ‘Shooting the Ray’

after roughly 5 more minutes of adjustments, we where ready… The Doctor instructed everyone to put on there protective goggles. Then we took our positions as the Doctor went with Jenny to the computer controls. The Doctor gave us the sign that he was about to start shooting the two ‘little’ rays. A second later he pushed a yellow button on one of the consoles…

Chapter 20 - Time and space

…”It was as real as you or I sitting here. One moment I knocked the coffee and it spilled all around us. I was very upset about it. Then I heard a voice telling me ‘Start all over again.’” …




Chapter 21 - My Jenny

“Sure.” I said. Five minutes later Jenny came in the shower. Looking like a goddess. I could swear that she had some light glow around her.

“Honey can you rub my back?” she asked.

“No problem.” I replied. I took the soap and start washing her body from the neck down. I never knew who had more fun me rubbing her or her getting all the massaging.

Chapter 22 - What are Dimensions?

…‘Dimension’ is a nice word but what really is it?

The world of three dimensions as I understand it is where we humans live. Let’s add a fourth dimension and call it the ‘time dimension’. This I can understand but 5, 6 or even 10 dimensions is beyond my understanding. ‘Dimension’ is a nice word and I guess someone had to invent it and it eventually was entered into dictionaries. When I try to comprehend this in the real world it’s hard to describe it to one’s self. We don’t as of yet have any tool to compare dimensions or even describe them. I have used the word ‘dimension’ many times but as I start to think about its meaning I have this double feeling. Emotionally I understand that a ‘dimension’ is kind of a reality that is similar to what I exist in but it exists somewhere else.

Chapter 23 - Sharing the knowledge

…Do we have the strength of character to handle this experience? Should we share this knowledge? Who can we trust with such knowledge? I can not give myself all the answers for these questions. My only conclusion is this - We are a good team and I trust our morality…” Jenny concluded saying.

Chapter 24 - The proof

Tito asked “Can I hold the stone?

“Sure.” I said handing the stone to him.

Tito passed the stone to the Doctor and he in turn passed it to Jenny who passed it back to me.

“Ben what do you make of the stone? The Doctor asked.

“Well it looks like we have our first evidence that at least one other dimension does indeed exist.” was my reply.

Chapter 25 - What is this knowledge?

She continued “Is this knowledge going to be positive or negative? Is there any danger if this knowledge would fall into the wrong hands? I mean this is basic. Will this knowledge bring suffering or happiness?

Chapter 26 – ‘Chilling out’

“Hello my handsome boy.” said Jenny “Do you have any plans for today? I was thinking about going to the Village and chill out.”
“This sounds good to me. Let’s move our butt.” said Jenny.

Chapter 27 - The Path

she looked so good that I couldn’t say anything.
“Sorry I didn’t knock. I wanted to surprise you and you know that I missed you?” Jenny said.
“I missed you too.” I said back.
She walked towards me and gave me one of her juicy kisses. Jenny was like a magnet for me.

 Chapter 28 - The truth

“When we use ‘D-Rays’ naturally there won’t be any danger. When you enter the dimension level you will see the pure truth. Even evil at its strongest still obeys the truth and sees only one direction.”

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